What will happen at my first visit?

Your first new patient appointment in our office usually lasts about an hour. We know this sounds like forever, however we legally have many things that are required to be completed during your initial visit so we ask that you please be patient. This appointment will be begin with the doctor reviewing your medical and dental history with you, as well as any concerns you may initially have. It is our standard, as well as the legal standard, that we perform a full series of radiographs, or FMX series for you. No need to worry about the exposure to radiation here, we utilize full digital radiograph technology which drastically reduces your radiation exposure.You may experience a few minutes of silence while the doctor reviews your x-rays as well as a visual exam in order for us to properly determine and document all of the dental work you have already had performed. The doctor will discuss your concerns as well as past experiences and also any pain or sensitivity you may be experiencing. He will then begin the diagnosing of the treatment you will need depending on what he discusses with you. We have great educational resources that we will show and explain to you depending on the type of treatment you require so that you are fully of aware of why you need this treatment and how the procedure works, as well as the outcome. We will check your insurance benefits for you and provide you with the financial estimate including your insurance portion. We do our best to perform your cleaning that same day as your initial visit, however an additional visit will need to be scheduled if you require a deeper cleaning.