We Accept all PPO Insurance

If you have any questions regarding your insurance, or are unsure if we accept your insurance, simply give us a call at (805) 524-9100

Our receptionist will call your insurance company and acquire a very detailed breakdown of your specific plan information. From this breakdown and our list of fee schedules, we are able to estimate the expected payment from your insurance carrier. This same information also enables us to let you know your out of pocket expense (if any) prior to performing treatment.


Below is a list of common insurance companies and their phone numbers for your convenience

CCPOA Trust Fund 
(800) 468-6486
Delta Dental of Massachusetts
(800) 872-0500 
Delta Dental of Wisconsin 
(800) 236-3712
Metlife Dental 
(877) 638-3379
(800) 451-7715
(800) 577-0576 
Delta Dental of Michigan 
(800) 462-7283 
Delta Health Systems
(209) 948-8483
Operating Engineers
(626) 356-1004 
(800) 487-5553 
Core Source
(800) 223-3943 
Delta Dental of Minnesota 
(800) 448-3815 
Delta Health Systems
(209) 948-8483
Principal Financial Group 
(800) 247-4695
Anthem B. Cross
(800) 627-0004 
Dental Benefit Providers
(888) 702-4171
Delta Dental of Minnesota 
(800) 493-0513 
Dental Guard Preferred 
(800) 541-7846 
Principal Financial Group 
(800) 247-4695 
 Assurant Employee Benefits 
(800) 442-7742 
 Delta Care USA
(800) 801-7105 
Delta Dental of Missouri 
(800) 392-1167  
Encore Dental
   (866) 605-2642 
Reliance Standard
(800) 497-7044 
(800) 521-2227 
Delta Dental of Arkansas
(800) 462-5410
Delta Dental of New York 
(800) 932-0783 
First Dental Health 
(800) 334-7244
United Agribusiness League 
(949) 975-1424
B.Cross of CA 
(800) 627-0004  
 Delta Dental of California 
(888) 335-8227  
Delta Dental Pennsylvania 
(800) 932-0783 
Goldenwest Dental Insurance 
(800) 995-4124 
 United Food & Commercial 
(714) 220-2297 
B.Shield of CA
(888) 702-4171 
Delta Dental of Colorado 
(800) 610-1201 
Delta Dental of Rhode Island 
(800) 843-3582 
(800) 541-7846 
United Healthcare
(877) 816-3596 
Blue Cross BS of Illinois 
(800) 367-6401 
Delta Dental of Illinois 
(800) 452-1987
(800) 233-4013 
Western Growers Trust Fund  
(800) 777-7898  
  Laborers Health & Welfare 
(626) 279-3000  
   Liberty Dental Plan
(888) 700-0992 

Who is the primary carrier?

The Primary Carrier is simply the one person who resides over the insurance coverage. If your insurance is supplied by an employer, than the employee would be the Primary. There are other titles for people on the same insurance plan such as Spouse (the husband or wife of the Primary Carrier) and also Dependants(any children of the Primary or their spouse)

What is a plan deductible?

A deductible is a specific amount of money that is set by your individual insurance plan that must be met yearly before your insurance will become effective for that year. The most common deductible amount is $50, however some plans have $15 deductibles and some plans do not require a deductible at all. Deductibles are only applied when the Primary Carrier or a family member on your plan require treatment (Basic or Major work). It will never be necessary for you to pay your deductible for your routine exam and check up appointments.

*We will find out all of the details regarding your deductible, so no need to worry*

What is a plan maximum?

Your plan maximum is specific amount of money that is set by your individual insurance plan to use towards your dental treatment. Most maximums are reset yearly in January, however these details are specific to your personal plan. The most common plan maximums are $1000-$2500. As nice as it sounds for you to be able to use your entire available maximum towards any dental treatment of your choice, that is definitely not the case. Each individual insurance plan is very detailed and legally we are required to abide by those stipulations.

What is a fee schedule?

Each plan comes with a set fee schedule. This is a list of fees that we obtain that lists the maximum fee that your plan will pay for each procedure. Every form of dental treatment will fall under one of the three categories which are also covered at a percentage.

Preventative:This category contains anything besides treatment that is considered maintenance and exactly as it reads “preventative” such as your routine exams, radiographs, cleanings, emergency exams, sealant etc.

*Preventative is almost always covered at 100% and at no cost to you*

Basic:This category is where the treatment coverage begins. This usually includes treatment such as Composites, Amalgams, Supra Gingival Scaling and Root Planning (deep cleaning), Oral Surgery, Extractions and Root Canals.

*Basic can be covered anywhere from 50%-100%*

Major: Any other work is considered under major, such as Crowns, Onlays, Veneers, Bridges, Dentures, Partial Dentures, etc.

*Major can be covered anywhere from 50%-100%*

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