A Guide to Affordable Dental Implants in Fillmore, CA

A Guide to Affordable Dental Implants in Fillmore, California

There’s no better solution to replacing a missing tooth than with a dental implant. Unlike back in the day, where dentures were your only option, dental implants are available to anyone that qualifies! Dental implants are way better than any other solution for many reasons. For one, they’re extremely comfortable and look just like your natural teeth. Secondly, the cost of dental implants has gone down considerably, making it easy for those even with a tight budget to get one.

If you’re missing a tooth, choosing dental implants is the right choice. By looking in the right places, you can find affordable dental implants, right here in Fillmore, California. Check out the true cost of dental implants today!

An Overview of Dental Implant Prices

The price of dental implants has never been more affordable here in Fillmore, CA. In recent years, dental implants have significantly dropped in price to be more available for the working class, not just those at the top. This means you can get an excellent deal on dental implants right here and now! If you’re missing a tooth, dental implants are just for you.

When it comes to finding affordable dental implants, you may not want to go into multiple consultations, comparing prices between dentists. The process is even tougher because many dentists don’t make their pricing available online or by phone. So, how are you to get the best deal on low cost dental implants in Fillmore, CA?

The answer to that is simple. We did the work for you! Our team has contacted every dental implant specialist in Fillmore, CA and the surrounding LA area. That’s over 200 dentists! From our findings, we can conclude some crazy numbers about dental implant costs in Fillmore*.

Cost of Dental Implants in Fillmore, California

Fact is, the average cost for a single dental implant based on our data is a staggering $3170! That’s a down payment on a new vehicle! Fortunately, high implant prices skew the average cost, some as high as $9700 per dental implant. That shows some dentist are in it for the money, not your pursuit of happiness (and savings). At Fillmore Dental, we’re on the other side of the average scale. Our dental implants start at $2500 per implant. We assure you, our dental implants are the most affordable dental implants you can find. Here’s why.

The True Cost of Dental Implants

Driving down the freeway, have you ever seen a billboard advertising $399 dental implants? It sure is an eye-catcher, and it catches your wallet too. The ad brings in unsuspecting patients who’re looking to get a cheap dental implant. However, the price only covers the dental implant post. Oh no!

See, a dental implant composes of three separate parts – the implant post, abutment and crown. The network of dentists behind this advertisement know this, but in their ads only stress the price of the implant post. It’s not until after the initial procedure that the patient learns there is an extra price tag for the abutment and the crown. The final price of a dental implant of this caliber is well over the average dental implant price in Fillmore, CA and the surround LA area. $399 dental implants are a scam. Outsmart them and get affordable dental implants.

­In fact, complete dental implants are nowhere near $399. An implant screw can range anywhere between $85 and $2500, depending on its composition (most titanium implants cost around $500). The abutment and the crown, combined, can be anywhere between $285 and $8000, depending on its quality and where’s its manufactured. A high quality dental implant, which parts won’t compromise your health, feeling or appearance cost the dentist around $1800.

Now, the above doesn’t include extra fees added on top of that. There remains laboratory fees, scans and development of a mold prior to the procedure. These costs can mount up in the thousands, fortunately for you those costs we include in our affordable dental implant price of just $2500 per implant. Separately, you may need additional bone grafting or a sinus lift before the dental implant procedure can continue. Talk with our dentist, Dr. Fonrodona to see if you require either of these procedures.

What We’re Doing to Make Dental Implants Affordable

Dental implants are not cheap. They’re not expensive either. What they can be is affordable.

For dentists, purchasing high-quality dental implant parts is easy. By ordering them in bulk, a dentist can save a lot of money. In turn, they can pass on those savings to their patients. That’s what we do here at Fillmore Dental. On top of that, we have our own laboratory, process scans in-house and create molds right in our office to save money on outsourcing fees.

We have our own labratory to create molds right in our office and save you money

Everything we do at Fillmore Dental to save money translates straight to what our patients pay for dental implants. Lastly, while other dentists can charge however much for their time and service, our dentists care you leave the office feeling good and with a smile on your face to show off your brand new dental implant. So, schedule your Free Consultation with us today, and let us help you replacing that missing tooth of yours with the number one solution, dental implants.

For more information, contact us online or by phone at (805) 265-3366.

*Pricing based on data collected from March 2016 – April 2018. Pricing shown for Fillmore Dental covers one posterior dental implant as of April 2018. Subject to change. See our dental implant page or contact our staff for updated pricing.